What our Customers say...


Joey, Jaden, and Aaron did a great job and we like it. We highly recommend.  


Mikey & Camaron did great work. They were friendly, told me what they planned to do and kept the area they were working in sealed off. They cleaned up before leaving and made sure to answer any questions I had.

The SERVPRO team that worked on the cleanup and restoration from a water leak in my house were efficient and courteous explaining the process along the way, paying close attention to details, and alleviated and repaired the damage quickly and satisfactorily. Thanks and kudos to Aaron, Mikey, Camarón, Joey, Jayden, and Luis Martinez for a job well done!  


Frank Valencia and Omar were great! They were super efficient and organized. Thanks guys!  


Joey and Andy. We’re fantastic. Very courteous.
Always on time. They worked very hard in helping us move our furniture back into our house.

The team; Joey, Andy, Enrique, Alfredo, Oscar and Nabor were excellent!  

Not one bad word to say. They were prompt and kind.  Answered all of my questions and were very considerate.

Thank you SERVPRO for all you have done for me and my family! 

When my home was damaged by fire, SERVPRO really helped me through it.  I did not lose as much as my neighbors but it was still devastating! This company was here, they handled my belongings with care and respect. They talked to me and told me exactly what they were doing and they never once complained about all my questions. Thank you SERVPRO!

SERVPRO was fantastic.  The level of service was a 10!  The team was a 10!

I want to say thank you for a terrific experience from SERVPRO.  We could not have asked for a better experience. 

Very polite and professional.  They showed up immediately and got started on the process.  It went very smoothly.  Very grateful. 

I couldn't have done the work without this professional company.  They went above our expectations.  The company is great and we would recommend to any of your family or friends. 

We are very satisfied with the great experience at SERVPRO.  The work was great and the team was very professional and polite.

We were very satisfied with a great company.  SERVPRO was very professional and offered exceptional assistance. 

We had a great experience with SERVPRO.  They went above and beyond our expectations.  The work looks great.  Very satisfied. 

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The work looks great and the team was awesome.  Very professional. 

We are very thankful for the work from a great company.  They always ensured things were getting done and in a timely manner. Thank you!

We couldn't have asked for a better experience.  Thank you!  Very polite and professional.  

Thank you for the great work from a great company.  The experience was great.  The team was very professional and polite.  

We are very satisfied with the work.  The process was quick and seamless.  Thank you for the great experience. 

The experience was very seamless.  I am very impressed with the work done and we were very satirized with the services. I would recommend them to any of our friends or family. 

The experience was great.  They made the process seamless.  They were able to turn this tragic time in our life a little more bearable.  Thank you!

Thank you for a great experience.  I am very impressed with the service and we appreciate everything they did to make this experience exceptional. 

We had a great experience with a great company.  I am very impressed by the professionalism with the team.  They were great to work with. 

We were very satisfied with the work done by SERVPRO.  I am impressed with the service and could not have asked for anything better.  Great company. 

Having your home flooded and your things  destroyed is a very stressful thing to go through. SERVPRO came in and was very professional and timely. Thank you Mike Calvin, the pack out manager who handled my belongings... See the rest of the review in YELP here.

I saw these guys clean up after a serious car and crane accident took place near by home. I was able to talk to one of their employees and found them to be professional, polite and very eager to contain the damages that had happened around my neighboring area. I think if I ever have an emergency I will be calling upon these guys just based off the short experience I had.

My neighbors house caught fire and I needed help cleaning out my home from the smoke and soot that was blown into my home. Even with the windows closed, it still got pretty bad. After a few days of trying and keeping the windows open I couldn't get the smoky scent out of the furniture and house. I saw SERVPRO helping my neighbor and was able to hire them to also clean my home. Only took a few hours over about two days and my home was better than before. They were great.

I manage an apartment complex. I only use SERVPRO for all my restoration needs. They are professional and haven't done me wrong once. Every time I use them I get the same great treatment and pricing.

I don't ever give reviews of places; I usually don't feel obliged to do so because nothing ever impresses me. However, SERVPRO has become one of my few exceptions. Not only did they arrive to rescue me from my flooded home after my return from vacation, but also they kept me informed of all work, did the job well, and did the work quickly. There was never a moment where I felt any doubt about the work being done in my home. I highly recommend.

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to SERVPRO. I had just returned from my Christmas vacation and came home to a huge flood in my home. It wasn't the way I wanted to start my New Year. However, they were able to get my house dry, cleaned, repaired and up and running like nothing had happened. I am still not hosting New Year's Eve, but it is nice to know that my home isn't going into the new year flooded and ruined.

My wife and I like to cook. Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to cook well. After a kitchen fire took place in our home, the saving grace was SERVPRO. They were able to arrive next day, per our request, and give us an estimate to how much the work would cost. We didn't want to file a claim and SERVPRO was able to help us do so. Thanks!

Great communication. Great work. They were quick and informative. Highly recommend.

Just wanted to say Thanks for all your hard work this past week. Your guys have been great and informative in helping me get my house back up and running after the flood. Everything in the house looks great and I will be recommending you and your company to whomever I meet in need of your services. Thanks.

I manage the Omni Hotel in San Diego. We're busy all year round, so any inconvenience of damage is an emergency. We found a slab leak had affect 54 rooms of ours between the 19th & the 7th floor, it was obviously a huge issue. Add in the fact that it was comic con weekend & we were near booked to capacity & huge just became gigantic. Immediately we called upon SERVPRO & found that the Large Loss to use was located out of Costa Mesa. They got the job completed in 8 days, start to finish. Amazing!

I'm the chief engineer at the Red Lion Hotel. Usually I can handle a majority of the jobs that come my way for the hotels needs. Once in a while, I cannot. It is during these times that I can employ outside help. After going through various restoration companies and after many trial and errors, SERVPRO has fit the best. I only use them because of their professionalism and efficient work that always includes me and never excludes me in any of the work process.

I just want to thank SERVPRO for all their help. After the winds came and knocked a tree branch into my home late one evening, they were able to come straight away and board up the damages before the rains soon followed. It was difficult finding anyone willing to help me at such a late hour, most places were closed. But thanks to SERVPRO I was able to avoid further interior damage and they even helped me get in touch with a glass repairman.

These guys are amazing! There wasn't any part of my home that they didn't clean free from the soot and smoke. My neighbors were affect slightly as well and SERVPRO was able to help them out too, which helped ease the tension between my home and the neighbors. I'd tell anyone and everyone to use SERVPRO.

I still cannot believe how quickly your team was able to dry clean and rebuild my office building. I have never had a contractor complete a project on time and on budget. Great job SERVPRO!

My tenant had a slow leak and wasn't aware of it for weeks. When I was finally found out, I found SERVPRO of YELP and was happy at how quickly they responded. They were able to keep me informed and I felt like I had my own personalized property management for the duration of the mold clean up.

I had a toilet leak from my upstairs to my downstairs bathroom. SERVPRO came in and was able to dry out and even set up repairs for my to bathrooms in a timely manner. I'd recommend any day.

I needed to have the HVAC system in my office cleaned out. I use these guys every year because they don't over charge and are familiar with my office and how I like things done. Polite and clean, I couldn't ask for a better company.

I thought I had a simple water leak, but when SERVPRO came out they did a great job at checking every small space and found mold. The entire process was relatively quick and my home has never felt cleaner.

I work for a local cake decorating business and we needed our air ducts cleaned out. SERVPRO of Costa Mesa gave us a great price, a complete air ducts cleaning anad were polite and prompt all the way through. We will be using them again for sure.

I met a few of the SERVPRO crew members at the OC Fair and they were amazing. Had a great time talking shop and getting to know each of them. They really care about their job and how they leave a customer. If I ever have a flood or fire, these guys are the ones I'm going to call.

I needed a simple cleaning in my home and at first called a regular in home maid service. Turns out, because one of my pets had an accident and also had bleeding in the carpet, my home needed a deeper cleaning. I called SERVPRO of Costa Mesa and they were able to take care of my home from top to bottom. I will be using them from now on.

I was fortunate enough to meet a few SERVPRO employees at the Civilian Fire Safety Academy last year and I just found out they will be joing us again this year. I love a company that gets involved with the community and does so with pure intentions. Great job SERVPRO.

I had a washer leak into my home while I was at teh store. I came home to a huge flood and didn't know where to start when it came to cleaning it all up. Thankfully SERVPRO of Costa Mesa was able to help start the drying process right away and save a lot of my home. The damage ended up being covered by my insurance and was minimal work from what I was told. Thanks SERVPRO.

I see the SERVPRO trucks and vans everywhere and I have them in my mind for water and fire damage no matter what. It's a good thing too, because my cousin's house caught on fire and I was able to tell him to call SERVPRO in his area. It is nice to know that they are nationwide.